Did you use lateral reading and check up on the author or the source?

You are going to use the annotated bibliography format to collect, understand, and organize the three (3) sources you need to investigate your chosen solution for your barrier to college completion. An annotated bibliography is a great tool to begin to brainstorm and outline your essay. You do NOT need to do an entry for “The Barriers to Mobility” article. Preparing the annotated bibliography will make your Works Cited page easy to construct, and it should help you plan your rough draft.
Writing Instructions
Each entry will contain the following components:
MLA Works Cited Entry: Please provide complete publication information for the text (which includes video, audio, tweets, photos—any source you use for information) according to MLA conventions. Use Purdue OWL to help you craft your citations.
Summary Paragraph: Please include the genre (what kind of text is it?), the title, the author’s name, the main idea, and the key supporting details the author uses to support the main idea. (Think of this paragraph as what the author says.)
Three pieces of evidence: List 3 quotations OR other pieces of data (think specific statistics that you can use to build your argument) that you might use in your paper.
Why is this source credible?: Briefly explain how you decided this source was credible. Did you use lateral reading and check up on the author or the source? Did you go to the cited works within your source to make sure they’re true? Is the source a known reliable source, like NPR or The Los Angeles Times? Did you look up your source on MediaBiasFactCheck.com to verify that they use factual information?
How to Submit
Please make sure to submit either a .doc, .docx, or a .pdf file.
Click the blue button that states “Submit Assignment” in the upper right-hand corner. Then scroll down below the assignment guidelines and follow the prompts to submit.
IF you submit a Google doc, please make sure to upload it under the Google doc tab and that your essay is in your SMC Google Drive. If you’ve written and saved it in your personal account, share it with yourself FIRST to get it into your SMC Google Drive. Alternatively, you can convert it to a PDF first and then upload.
Please note that all student work will be run through Turnitin.com to establish that your essay is your own work.
I have attached the sources, and I also attached the Essay so you can see the quotes and arguments used

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