Discuss elements such as their childhood, where they grew up, what kind of parents they had, how they navigated relationships from a young age, any red flags that come up with delinquent behavior, etc.

For Part 1, please address the following elements: The case study is on the Menendez Brothers. Lyle and Erik Menendez
1. Introduce your target person and identify the type of criminal that they are (i.e., serial killer, spree killer, terrorist, etc.). Please be specific with how you know they are the type of criminal you indicated, but do not go in depth with the crimes just yet (that comes with the second paper).
2. Provide an in-depth descriiption of their background. Discuss elements such as their childhood, where they grew up, what kind of parents they had, how they navigated relationships from a young age, any red flags that come up with delinquent behavior, etc.
3. Provide as much information as you can about their adulthood, including but not limited to, their professional careers, romantic relationships, and any additional red flags as they matured. **This means you will need to choose someone who lived into their adulthood.
4. Finally, provide a theoretical explanation for the person’s aggressive tendencies. In describing the theory, you will need to rely not only on lecture notes, but additional research sources about the validity of the theory you choose. For example, if you rely on a biological theory of aggression, suggesting that your target person had extreme exposure to lead, you would need to provide empirical evidence that supports the link between lead and aggression. While we may never know the official cause of someone’s aggression, the theory you include must have some evidence for being a possibility. For example, I could not suggest that the person was aggressive because of lead exposure unless I actually knew they were exposed to lead at some point. Additionally, without reading that someone had excessive testosterone levels, you cannot include that as an argument in your paper either.
The Case Study Paper Pt 1 must be a minimum of three pages of content. You must include an APA title page, APA citations, and APA references of at least three sources. At least one of these sources should be an academic empirical article referring to your theory of aggression. The title page and References page will not count toward the 3-page minimum.
It should be immediately clear who the paper will be about. The identification of the type of criminal they are can either be included at the very beginning, in their introduction, or at the end of the paper as a climactic ending of the biography (or somewhere in between). Totally up to the student, but when the identification is addressed, the appropriate classification criteria should be included as well (e.g., if someone is labelled a spree killer, what are the elements that are needed to determine that?).
This part of the paper should read as a biography. Include as many details as you can about the person’s upbringing, family life, educational experiences, early relationships, delinquency, etc.
This should still feel like a biography but should address the adulthood experiences of the person leading up to the criminal activity. Elements to include will depend on the target person, as some became a severe criminal earlier than others, but something should be said about what happened as they started to mature. Many will have information on professional careers, family life, and the start of suspicious behavior (although the suspiciousness may start earlier).
There are several categories of theories provided via lecture, with specific theories and hypotheses included in each about why someone would be aggressive and/or violent. The chosen theory/hypothesis should be accurately described, and appropriately applied to the case. Be clear about how the chosen theory helps explain the criminal’s behavior. At least one academic article should be included for evidence that the theory is valid
Citations should be included where appropriate and should come from at least three sources (one being an academic article). All in-text citations should have a corresponding reference.
References should be in APA format, and should all have corresponding in-text citations. If you are referencing an article from the textbook, you should reference the original article to keep it simple (not Bartol and Bartol, but the authors of the articles you use)

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