Discuss how the two stories may be connected and how the influence has shaped Blanca & Roja

Your task is to write an essay about Blanca & Roja. Analyze how a story of your choice may have influenced Anna-Marie McLemore in the writing of Blanca & Roja. This can be one of the stories we have read in this class or one your are familiar with from outside. The story can be modern or classic. The influence may be on the plot, on one or more of the characters, or on the backstory. Discuss how the two stories may be connected and how the influence has shaped Blanca & Roja. You may discuss if you think McLemore has done a good job of using the story of your choice as part of Blanca & Roja.
Your essay must be at least six paragraphs long, with each paragraph consisting of at least five sentences.
This essay is informal in the sense that you do not need to include quotes, citations, or a works cited page. You should still use good grammar and spelling and avoid slang and the use of “I.”
Use concrete details from Blanca & Roja and the story you select.

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