Discuss how to create awareness of values and ethical problem solving in relation to advanced generalist social work practice.

Client Situation
I am so overwhelmed at work. I am a healthcare technician that works at a middle school. It feels like this school year now that Covid is around is making our jobs tasks even longer and longer with no time to do my regular clinic duties. All of the new stuff that is put in place is causing me to be backed up and I am having a hard time getting caught up in my clinic. On top of work stress it is leaving me so tired that I have no energy to do school work or my internship. I feel that the pandemic has brought on this current difficulty because I have worked through my associates, bachelors and part of my maters degree while working in the clinic at the school. I was able to do my school work at work. Now I can not do that and by the time I get home from work I am exhausted mentally and physically and don’t want to think about school or an internship. I have felt like quitting my job at times and school but I am so near graduation that it is not worth it. I have coped so far by self talk telling myself that this is almost over. Once I am done with school I can look for another job and so much will be off of my plate. The key issue is not being able to balance work, life, school and family which is causing stress and anxiety. The client is has a lot going on in life and it could be managed once the client begins therapy.
Questions to answer briefly Just answer no APA 7
What factors, including thoughts, behaviors, personality issues, environmental circumstances, stressors, vulnerabilities, and needs seem to be contributing to the problem(s). Please use systems theory with the ecological perspective as a framework when identifying these factors.
Developmental history from early life to present (if obtainable):
Identify the strengths:
Identify the sources of meaning:
Identify the coping ability:
Identify the resources that can be mobilized to help the client:
Assess client’s motivation and potential to benefit from intervention:
Determine the DSMV diagnosis including diagnostic criteria:
Identify the ICD-10-CM code
Work with the client to identify a minimum of two goals. Goals should be stated as the outcome of a successful intervention.
For each goal, identify two objectives that will result in goal achievement. Objectives are the steps you (or your client) take to get to the goal.
APA 7 (4 pages)
Give an example of how technology can be used in the practicum and in the community to enhance ethical practices in social work. Describe the situation you have in mind.
Discuss how to create awareness of values and ethical problem solving in relation to advanced generalist social work practice.
In your discussion, apply leadership skills, theoretical frameworks, decision-making processes, and best practice interventions that you have used as a culturally competent social work intern when you have worked with clients who have different backgrounds or beliefs.
Explain how critical thinking skills informed your self-assessment. Provide specific examples.
Explain how you limited bias toward yourself during the self-assessment.
Explain how the strengths-based perspective informed your self-assessment.
Explain how you can use this assignment and experience to inform your work as an emerging social worker, including how the strengths based practice can inform social work practice with diverse clients.
Explain how you will engage in collaborative practice with all systems (individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities) in advanced generalist social work.

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