Discuss how vaccination helps to manage the pandemic

• Describe the different types of vaccines available and how they work to prevent severe illness.
• Explains how mRNA vaccines work in general.
• Discuss misconceptions about mRNA vaccines (e.g., “they inject a gene into you”)
• Discuss how vaccination helps to manage the pandemic
• Identify how the new coronavirus variants are challenging the dynamic.
• Your paper must be typed, and written using an easy to read 11-point font, (Arial and Calibri are recommended; avoid difficult to read fonts like Old English Script).
• The paper should be in paragraph format and should be single-spaced. A well thought out and researched paper will be approximately 3 pages single-spaced (not including the bibliography). Note that you are graded on the quality of your writing and information, not the length per se. Three pages is just a guideline – please don’t pad your paper or use funky margins to get it to be 3 pages. That will not earn any credit on its own.
• You will have between 4 and 5 scholarly sources cited in your paper using APA style citations.
• You do not need a separate title page – Just type the title above the first paragraph. Be sure to put your name in the header.
• No direct quotes are allowed – make the information your own and write your own understanding of the information you convey. Then cite the source where you learned it using APA style
• Include a Bibliography section.

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