Discuss new emerging topics that are critical to aviation.

As the title of this course indicates “Critical Topics,” that is the purpose of this course, to discuss new emerging topics that are critical to aviation. With the emergence of COVID-19, we have seen the aviation and aerospace industry turned on its head. We went from tremendous shortages of pilots and technicians, to potential layoffs in a very short period.
As this is a Senior Capstone course, I am sure that many of you have concerns about your future in the aviation industry. I have been involved in this industry for over 35 years and have seen the vicissitudes. The aviation industry, like many industries, it links directly to the economy. In this case, the economy is being impacted by COVID-19, but the spread of COVID and the fears associated is greatly affecting travel habits. Both of these have combined to have a devastating effect on the aviation and aerospace industry. The effects seen far surpass what happened immediately following the 9/11 attacks that had severe consequences for the aerospace industry. One note of encouragement, the aerospace industry rebounded to be far healthier financially, which has aided them in the ability to weather this initial storm far better than they did post 9/11.
I have attached several article links that you should read regarding COVID-19 impacts on the aviation industry. You will note that not just the airline industry is impacted. The entire aerospace industry is feeling the impact, from the airlines, MRO’s, manufacturers… Following the review of this material and in conjunction with your own research in addition to these articles, you will complete your capstone project.
Using the links I have provided as well as additional research articles you must find you will write a final capstone paper encompassing the impact of COVID-19 on the aerospace industry. You need to research the major U.S. airlines (Delta, United, American, Southwest, Alaska…), manufacturers, MRO’s. In your research you should attempt to ascertain the health of the companies pre and post COVID. Financial stability, liquidity, flexibility…
You paper should discuss the aerospace industry. You should make suppositions regarding the aforementioned industry health. I want you to go as far as predicting if you believe certain airlines, MRO’s, manufacturers will not survive the downturn. I want you to also explain specifics as to how COVID has impacted the entire industry, not just the airlines. Remember, this is a fact based paper, so it must be supported by facts not your opinion. You should be able to access stock information and economic viability from corporate reports and research articles. Remember, Wiki sites are not considered credible for the purposes of academic writing. That is not to say the information is incorrect, but avoid them for your academic writing unless otherwise directed.
Your final paper will be a minimum of 5 pages, 12 font, double spaced. It must be submitted in a Word document and will be submitted through Turn it In for plagiarism. I will not grade any document not submitted in Word format. Do not get creative with spacing and headers to gain length. See the syllabus for writing requirements. Your paper must be submitted in APA formatting and you must cite and provide a minimum of 5 references. In order to have a thoroughly researched paper, you will likely have many more than 5 sources. It is very important that you properly format and cite your work. If you do not properly cite your work, you will receive a failing grade. You are encouraged to include charts/graphs, but these do not count toward your 5 page minimum length. Please see this link for help regarding APA formatting. https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_style_introduction.html
I am looking for quality content as well as quality writing. This is a senior capstone course and I expect the writing quality to reflect the level associated.

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