discuss one cause that leads to many effects, or one effect that stems from many causes?

Topic is Social Media
Once you’ve selected and narrowed your topic, you want to craft a good working thesis statement. This is the one sentence in your paper that tells your reader exactly what your paper is going to be about. You should place it at the end of your introductory paragraph.
For a cause and effect composition, you want your thesis to do at least two things: name the observable occurrence you’ll be discussing and tell your reader what your method of development will be — are you going to discuss one cause that leads to many effects, or one effect that stems from many causes? Then, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you might list the specific causes and effects you plan to discuss for the topic you’ve selected.
To review concepts related to this type of essay, revisit the Writing an Essay Showing Cause and Effect Pattern (Links to an external site.) page in the e-text for this course. http://content.nroc.org/DevelopmentalEnglish/unit08/Foundations/writing-an-essay-showing-cause-and-effect-pattern.html
Remember, your thesis statement should be a complete sentence.
Finally, remember that a thesis statement:
Does not announce intentions, like “This essay will discuss…” or “The following composition will detail…” or “I am going to talk about…” A good rule of thumb — for the entire essay — is to avoid mentioning the essay itself.
Along those same lines, remember that you can’t use first- or second-person pronouns in academic writing, and this includes your thesis statement. First-person pronouns include I, me, mine, our, us, ours, and my. Second-person pronouns include you, your, and yours.
Your thesis statement should not be a question.
Your thesis statement should be a complete sentence.
Considering those guidelines, type your proposed thesis statement for your cause and effect essay into the text box below. I look forward to reviewing it!
Remember: Your thesis statement should be just one sentence, and that’s what you need to submit for this assignment.

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