Discuss one developmental factor that affects L.B’s adaptation to his altered hematological function

I am a nursing student from Illinois
Initial Post Instructions
L.B. a 17 year-old African American male tells his parents “my arms and legs hurt a lot more than usual today. The ibuprofen has stopped working and I need something stronger. I may have overdone it at the gym.” At 11 months of age L.B. was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. Since then he has experienced chronic low-grade pain in his back and extremities that he has managed with ibuprofen and rest although he tries to get as much regular exercise as possible. He has experienced approximately 3 episodes of acute pain each year since then. He was accepted to his dream university and plans to live on campus in the dorms.
Briefly explain the pathophysiological change the occurs with patients who have sickle cell anemia?
What is the likely cause to this patient’s current pain crisis?
Discuss one developmental factor that affects L.B’s adaptation to his altered hematological function.
Reading ( I don’t have book)
Huether, S. E., McCance, K. L., & Brashers, V. L. (2020). Understanding pathophysiology (7th ed.). Elsevier Mosby.
Chapters 5, 20-22, and 29-31.

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