Discuss one of the theories of infant psycho social development

Ch 3:
List and describe the three theories of language development.
Discuss two interesting things you learned about Piaget’s sensorimotor development.
Ch 4:
The video below (link in attachments) is about parenting and attachment:
In the video Dr. Daniel Seigel discusses attachment patterns and how our own attachment implicitly influences our parenting. After watching the video do the following:
3 A. Compare and contrast secure vs insecure attachment styles
3 B. I want you all to think about your attachment style and temperament (as a child and as an adul)t and the parenting practices that influenced your attachment type. It is optional to discuss part B of this question, but again, I want you all to think about it!
4. Comments/Thoughts about the video
5. Discuss one of the theories of infant psycho social development (from pgs 142-146).

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