Discuss whether convergence into one model or divergence would work better for economic development

Please read the following prompt on the economic situation of Myanmar. President Htin Kyaw along with Aung San Suu Kyi, from the National League for Democracy, have paid you millions of dollars to help transition from a place of backwardness to that of economic advancement. Your decisions will have real life consequences. You will either represent an ardent disciple of Rostow or of Gerschenkron. (I am representing GERSCHENKRON)
1) Provide at least TWO substantial and feasible Political Economic policy prescriiptions for your simulated position (policy perscriiptions are things that policy makers from the school of Gerschenkron would prescribe to Myanmar for their economy)
2) Bring in various schools of thought that we have learned thus far in order to support your views (MY PERCEIVED EXAMPLE FRIEDRICH LIST)
3) Synthesize readings, provide examples, and present your views
4) Highlight the advantages or disadvantage of early or late development
5) Discuss whether convergence into one model (British/ Western) or divergence would work better for economic development
PROMPT: https://thediplomat.com/2016/11/myanmars-opening-doing-business-in-asias-final-frontier/
Write it from your simulated position and support it with the use of three clear arguments. You will need to write a coherent essay for each prescriiption, but the reader should be able to understand your logic clearly by reading each section.
• The essay should be 850 to 1000 words. Include word count.
• Make sure to make 3 clear arguments.
• Incorporate at least 3 class readings.
• This is a political science essay, so I expect to read an analytical think piece that has a sound argument with supportive examples and evidence as opposed to a personal, descriiptive, and narrative story.
• Don’t forget your sexy/ info title.
Brainstorming sheet below, filled out by me so a taking-off point but not necessarily best/only resource

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