Discuss your level of comfort when you think about working with the aging population

– Examining Your Thoughts & Experiences with Aging – Sometimes talking or thinking about the aging population can be difficult for people because it makes them think of their own mortality as aging is often associated with being end of life. In three pages, answer the following questions based upon your personal experiences and learning from this class:
1. Discuss your level of comfort when you think about working with the aging population.
2. Have you cared for parents, grandparents, and/or worked with aging individuals? If you have, explain your thoughts and feelings about the experience. If you have not, identify what fears and/or comforts you can anticipate working with someone in the aging population.
3. Why do you think many people feel sad for the aging population?
4. What is a strengths-based approach to working with the aging population?
5. Identify one social, financial, biological, or psychological challenge faced by the aging population and what interventions are in place to help with such challenge?

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