Discussion of any cultural considerations you would make for this child and family

For this discussion, consider the following scenario:
You are working with a Caucasian family that has been fostering a Hopi (Native American) adolescent for the past two years. The reservation caseworker has informed the family that the child’s biological parents rights have been severed and the child is eligible for adoption; however, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) has requirements complicating their eligibility to adopt the child.
The ICWA was passed in 1978 due to the increasing and disturbing rate of Native American children being removed from their homes. This act was to protect the best interest of children by promoting stability of Native American families and tribes. This act prioritizes adoptions of Native American children within their tribe and discourages adoptions to families who reside outside of the tribe or reservation.
For this discussion, reflect upon your experience, and knowledge in relation to policy, ethics, and culture. As a caseworker, make a recommendation to the court. Explain your recommendation, with justification, including:
A citation of at least one ethical principle from the NASW that would support your recommendation.
Discussion of any cultural considerations you would make for this child and family.
Analysis the ICWA policy and how it applies to this case.

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