Do any of the narratives reflect the theme of how ignorance can impact us in such a way?

TOPIC 5 :Delve into what Kant means by his famous “end in itself” formula of the categorical imperative (binding duties). Why does Kant think adult humans deserve respect and autonomy? How can this play out, say, in terms of Kant’s forbidding of all lying? Think of an example which abides by the end it itself formula and one which violates it (and explain why you interpret it this way). Using any of the narratives in Rosenstand’s book or the film clips in Blackboard, explain whether Kant’s end in itself formula is being obeyed or violated and why. What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of Kant’s end in itself formula of duty?
TOPIC 6:Socrates argued that evil is done out of ignorance. What do you think that Socrates meant by this? Do you agree with his view or do you think that people can act against their best interests and with knowledge? Are there any examples of human behavior that you think correspond to what Socrates means? Any counter-examples? Do any of the narratives reflect the theme of how ignorance can impact us in such a way?

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