Do you feel as though you were able to emerge from adolescence with a strong identity?

There are eight psychosocial stages, according to Erikson. Each stage has a specific challenge that the individual must work through. Success at any given stage enhances success at later stages. There is a window of opportunity for growth at each stage. This paper should be a minimum of 1000 words to receive a passing grade, not including a separate cover page and a separate reference page. Note: You will be writing about only stages 5-8.
Stage 5, Adolescence, is called Identity vs. Role Confusion. First write a paragraph explaining this stage from Erikson’s point of view. Explain in your own words. Include a Citation after this paragraph.
Next, write a paragraph or two about several significant events or experiences that occurred to you in this stage. Did you have an easy time of adolescence or was it very difficult? Do you feel as though you were able to emerge from adolescence with a strong identity? How has this stage affected the rest of your life?Did you become more interested in peer groups during adolescence? If so, which peer groups? Do you think most people achieve adolescence by the end of adolescence? Or do you believe that one’s identity shifts through the various stages?
Stage 6, Young Adulthood, Intimacy vs. Isolation. First, write a paragraph explaining this stage from Erikson’s point of view.
Next, write about your own experiences with this stage. In looking at this stage, do you feel that you have been able to establish an intimate relationship? Or do you have fears about having one? Or do you simply prefer not to have one? Are you worried you will never find an intimate partner? What do you think your ideal partner would be like? What would their personality traits and behavior be like?
Stage 7, Middle Adulthood, Generativity vs. Stagnation.
First, write a paragraph explaining this stage from Erikson’s point of view.
Next, write about what you expect your middle age to be like. (If you are already in middle age, write about that is like for you.)Will you be able to be creative and generate energy for the younger generation or those who will follow in your footsteps, either family members, co-workers, or others that you are in contact with? Describe how you would like to experience this stage. If there is someone in this stage who you admire, state what you admire about them. Is this person a mentor, a teacher, a relative, etc. Did this person serve as a role model to you in some way? Describe how that occurred. What is it about this person that caused you to admire or respect them?
Stage 8, Older Adulthood, Integrity vs, Despair.
First, write a paragraph explaining this stage from Erikson’s point of view.
Then, write about what you expect your later years to be like.This is for people who are nearing the end of the last of the eight stages. It occurs when the individual tries to summarize or integrate his or her own life in terms of all 8 stages. So the challenge is whether the individual will evaluate his or her own life with a sense of integrity or not. Success in the previous stages is the key to success in this stage. Again, think of what your life will be like when you are in old age, at 80- 90 years of age. What would you like your life to be like at this point? Who are your role models who are currently in this stage? What characteristics do they have that you find admirable? This could be a relative, neighbor, celebrity or public figure. Are you concerned that at this point you may look back and feel that you have made the wrong life decisions?
Finally, write one or two good paragraphs explaining what youhave learned from writing this paper.
To summarize, your paper should have 5 sections:
Section 5: Identity vs. Identity Confusion
Section 6: Intimacy vs. Isolation
Section 7: Generativity vs. Stagnation
Section 8: Integrity vs. Despair
Section 9: Summary
1) Include a word count on the cover page. Copy and paste this from your computer screen.
2) Include a cover page in APA style. (The cover page should include your name, class number, class day and time, professor’s name, and title of the paper).
3) Please use font count 12 and double space.
4) Also minimize using quotes from the text and do not cite studies in your paper that the author or authors used in their work. USE YOUR OWN WORDS.
5) The pages should also contain a running head and a page count. This is APA style.
6.) Include an APA Reference page which is the last page, a separate page. Samples will be provided. Your reference page should include only those sources you utilized in your paper.
7.) Include APA citations at the end of each paragraph in which you explain the stage from Erikson’s perspective.
8.) Use acceptable paragraph structure. Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences long. Papers not including acceptable paragraph structure will not receive a passing grade.
9.) Papers not submitted in CANVAS by the announced deadline will not be accepted for grading.
10.) Points will be deducted for plagiarism up to and including receiving a grade of F for the paper. Please write in your own words. Do not copy and paste.

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