Do you see a connection between a resource and something from a previous week?

An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that includes a summary of each resource. The purpose of this assignment is to show me that you have read/watched/listened to and understand the assigned readings, films, and podcasts, but also that you are thinking critically about information presented. Each summary should be 150-300 words long (a decent length paragraph) and should include a brief (3-4 sentences) summary of the resource as well as some of your own thoughts on the material. Examples of questions you can answer in your response include but are not limited to: Did you agree or disagree with something the author/filmmaker said? Was there something you did not understand? Have you experienced something similar in your own life? Do you see a connection between a resource and something from a previous week?
You will be writing a summary for each assigned resource every week. You will submit these annotations every week in the appropriate dropbox folder. For more details and examples of annotated bibliographies, check out this link: OWL Annotated Bibliography Examples
Submit an appropriate file type (.docx, .doc, .rtf, .pdf) with a citation + summary paragraph for each assigned resource. See Course Schedule and Course Syllabus for details about what is assigned.

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