Do you think he obtains too many calories from these beverages

Please read before starting Assignment both tables are listed below to help with questions.
After graduating from college, Patrick, a 24-year-old accountant, noticed he had gained 8 pounds in the past year. His employer provides free soft drinks, juice, and bottled water. Patrick decided to keep track of his food intake for a couple of days to track his calories. Just his beverage intake is provided here. To estimate his energy intake from beverages, use Table 14-2 and an online nutrient database or nutrient analysis computer program, or diet tracking app visit this website:
Do you think he obtains too many calories from these beverages?
What are better alternatives?
What actions might you suggest to Pierre to help him maintain his overall health based only on beverage intake?
12 oz mocha with whipped cream
6 oz orange juice
Morning Break
12 oz cranberry juice
10 oz water
12 oz regular cola
Afternoon Break
12 oz regular root beer or apple juice
After Work
1 or 2 beers (12 oz each)
10 oz fat-free milk
Table 14-2 Calorie Content of Popular Beverages*
Table Summary: The first column shows beverage, the second column shows calories, third column shows beverage, the fourth column shows calories.
Beverage Calories Beverage Calories
Mocha with whipped cream 250 Beer 145
Cranberry juice 200 Fat-free milk 120
Orange juice 180 Red Bull® energy drink, 8 oz 105
Regular soft drinks 160 White wine, 4 oz       90
*Amounts are 12 oz unless otherwise noted.

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