Does the data support the financial gains of a person or an organization?

Supporting Material and Contextual Reasoning
You will read Gunn (2021) chapter 4 that provides an introduction to types of speech support, orally referencing your sources, and the importance of contextual reasoning. In module 4, you will also complete an exercise to give you much more in-depth information about finding sources on Creighton’s campus. Note that MANY of your classes at Creighton will require you to find credible and scholarly sources that you cannot find by simply using Google or another internet search engine.
Library Encounter Online (LEO) is an interactive, modular tutorial available from the Reinert-Alumni Library. You will learn about research strategies and the resources available to you through the Creighton University Libraries to best find the type of speech support that is best for you. The LEO tutorial will take you approximately one hour to complete. Throughout the tutorial, there are several brief quizzes to assess what you’ve learned. The tutorial is located in the module titled “Library Encounter Online” and you will complete it directly through your COM 101 course.
Initial Post
By Thursday of this week, complete the following steps:
Step 1:
Write and submit to the discussion board a single persuasive sentence (or claim) that explains to your group something you have learned in your Critical Issues class so far.
For example, Gunn (2021) offers the example of human-made climate change as a place where statistics are misused. If you were in a Critical Issues course on humans and the environment, you might say: A carbon tax is the way to fight climate change. [Or alternatively, A carbon tax is not the way to fight climate change.] Your claim must refer to a central issue, question, or theme in your Critical Issues in Human Inquiry class.
Step 2:
Assume you are giving a persuasive speech on this claim in your classroom to your fellow students and Critical Issues instructor. Find one source using library resources. (Links to an external site.)that would support the claim you wrote in STEP 1.
You must find a new source and cannot use readings from your Critical Issues class. Think about how the source will be credible for your audience and if it is appropriate based on “contextual reasoning.” Remember that knowing what type of speech support to use depends on the context of the speech, and (1) what kind of speech is called for, (2) the setting and mood of the speech, and (3) the audience of the speech.
Step 3:
Cite the source in written form and submit to the discussion board.
For all written citations, you need to choose citation style. Every field has its own referencing conventions, and in the discipline of Communication Studies that is often APA style. While your Critical Issues class may require you to cite sources in a different format, for COM 101, write your citation in APA format using these guides: Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.)or APA format (Links to an external site.). Be careful as you make your citation. A few common errors we notice are:
Misidentifying the type of source (for example, treating an online newspaper as a website).
Incorrect capitalization of article titles.
Following an outdated APA style guide.
Relying on citation generators or trying to export the citation from the library databases (these often do not work accurately).
At the end of this page are some sample citations for you to look at.
Step 4:
Cite the source orally as you would in a speech. Choose a sentence from the source to quote that best relates to something you have discussed in class. Create an oral citation that includes the following information leading into the sentence you have chosen:
–the author(s) with credentials
–type of source
–title and descriiption of source
–date of source
Using your webcam, record yourself giving this short excerpt of a speech following the directions for recording videos in COM 101 (see video guideline reminders). Your video should sound and feel just like you are giving a speech and (1) have a single sentence that leads into the source, (2) the excerpt/quotation of the source you found, and (3) a complete oral citation. Use note cards for this recording so you can practice for your final speech. Your recording will count as your initial post and should be 20 to 40 seconds.
In short, your initial post to the discussion should include:
Persuasive claim
Written citation in APA format.
Video of you explaining the persuasive claim in your own words and citing the supportive source.
Video Guidelines
Stand-up while speaking.
Speak in in a well-lit and quiet area.
Use a background that is free of distractions.
Be sure you are visible from at least the waist up by standing 3-6 feet from the camera.
By Sunday of this week, complete the following replies:
After you post your written and oral citation, look at all of the other sources posted within your discussion group. Reply to two of your group members. Your replies should discuss the quality of your peer’s source for supporting their claim.
Consider contextual reasoning as well as bias as you respond. Use the questions below to guide your thinking:
Does the data support the ethical, political, or religious goals of a particular person or organization? If so, do those goals stand to hurt or disadvantage other?
Does the data support the financial gains of a person or an organization? Would such goals hurt or disadvantage other?
Does the data represent what the speaker claims it represents? How do you know?
What or who is the source of the information? Is the source trustworthy and reliable?
For the video portion pls just give me some bullet points to talk about

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