Does the essay analyze Arab television’s content or companies?

I chose the arabic bein sports channel
Answer in 300 words or less
In your abstract, you will need to determine the object of your analysis – which program precisely? OR Which channel or platform? Next, the abstract will comprise various components (roughly one sentence each). Together, your answers will form a paragraph of 200-300 words. Try to answer the following questions in a single paragraph:
Big picture: Does the essay analyze Arab television’s content or companies?
Your Case Study: Which content or company are you analyzing? Be specific about the title of the TV series/show or the name of a TV channel or streaming service.
Context: What is the background of your content or company? (history, audience, geographic reach, controversy, etc.) – just the most significant.
Rationale: What is the significance of analyzing this content or company? Why do you want to research it? Are there any gaps in the literature – how has this been treated so far? – you can answer only one of these questions.
Methods: What is the specific material that you are going to examine? Are you going to consult documents? Interview employees?
Objectives: What do you hope to discover? What do you hope your analysis could uncover? Don’t be afraid to be bold. Try connecting your analysis to topics or themes covered in class.

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