Does the most feasible outcome align with your own view of the case and its solution?

What distinguishes a case study from other types of work is a distinct problem statement in the beginning and then the rationale behind different solutions concluded with your personal stand based on research. So, you need to identify a potential dilemma in the case (if one is not readily given to you). One example could be a potential clash of perceptions of the value that in-group and out-group bring to the community. Should the community accept or ignore the out-groups? Should out-groups be converted into in-groups or left to be? What are the optional solutions for that conflict? What do the research and theories state about each solution? What would be the most feasible outcome? Does the most feasible outcome align with your own view of the case and its solution?
So the purpose of the Case Study would be to identify a potential dilemma, a few possible optional solutions, prove these optional solutions to either be successful or unsuccessful providing rationale and then conclude with the most feasible outcome. Avoid offering the “correct” solution right from the introduction. In the Case Study, you would just state the situation by developing the dilemma or problem statement, then offer alternatives, and then once you studied each alternative based on research, you arrive at the best outcome. Thus, the solution is not given upfront, it’s arrived at towards the end. Hope this helps you wrap your mind around formatting this assignment as a Case Study.
In Northouse (pp. 267-269) read the case and answer the 5 questions.
2 – 3 pages excluding the required title page and reference page; APA format.
Use header, headings, and sub-headings (see APA formatting).
Submit in Blackboard in MSWord file format.
Use theories discussed within the assigned chapters and other sources as well.
Be sure to incorporate a Biblical perspective as well as theory from the chapters in determining how you would address members of the group
A very brief introduction to your case (do NOT cut and paste the 5 questions).
Present your argument for each question: include an explanation of the concepts & techniques etc. including Biblical perspective
Support your argument.
When all is done, give a brief conclusion.
Provide triple support that includes the textbook, Scripture, and external research (minimum of 2 sources).

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