Does the organization employ in its population health approach to reduce costs and improve overall quality?

Analyze population health-oriented policies (such as non-discrimination in hiring, care, and treatment, Patient Bill of Rights, financial assistance, etc.) that the organization may have implemented for reducing costs and improving overall quality. Be sure to provide evidence to support your claims. You may need to expand your search beyond just the case study article
To what extent is the organization’s approach to care considered patient-centered? Be sure to cite specific examples to substantiate your claims.
What specific strategies (such as eliminating unnecessary procedures and providing only essential treatments or interventions)
Does the organization employ in its population health approach to reduce costs and improve overall quality?
Describe gaps or deficiencies that may exist in the organization’s use of the population health approach in reducing costs and improving quality of care, and provide evidence to support your claims. If you feel there are none, be sure to explain your reasoning. This assignment does not need any headers or page numbers just a title page. Please label each paragraph with critical points. You will only address critical points in sections 3 and 4 of the provided rubric. There are links provided on the rubric to the case study that you will use to complete sections 3 and 4. There is also other literature that was uploaded that can be used in support of completing this assignment. You can cite other sources as well.

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