escribe any two strong and specific acting choices you make and tell us how these relate to your objective and tactics

For this week’s discussion post and toolkit assignment, you must select one of the monologues from Fefu and Her Friends, listed below, and perform it for the class. You must also write a ~300 word post describing:
What is your character’s objective? (Your objective is your “goal” in the monologue: What do you want? What are you trying to get from the other characters?) How is this choice supported by the text?
What obstacles are in your way? What tactics are you employing to overcome them? (The tactics you employ are the actions you take to achieve your objective: Do you beg? Flatter? Threaten?) How are these choices supported by the text?
What are two (2) specific acting choices you make and why? Describe any two strong and specific acting choices you make and tell us how these relate to your objective and tactics. How are these choices supported by the text?
Your discussion post is due by 9am on Friday, February 11th. You will also each perform your monologue in class on Friday with your cameras on. If you would like to pre-record your monologue and share it as a video – that is ok too. Feel free to make as many or as few design choices as you like (setting, costumes, etc.) What is most important are the specific choices you make as an actor delivering the text with intention!
This project is worth 20 points total. You will receive 10 points for your discussion post and 10 points for your performance in class on Friday.
————————- MONOLOGUE SELECTIONS: ————————-
Pp. 117-18 – FEFU – from “I still like men better than women” to “Have I offended you again?”
Pp. 125-26 – CINDY – from “I had a terrible dream last night” to “…when I woke up.” (CUT CHRISTINA’s line “What was it”.)
Pp. 127-28 – JULIA – from “The human being is of the masculine gender” to “shed those feelings and return to earth as man.”
Pp. 135 – JULIA – from “I feel we are constantly threatened by death” to “I will die… for no apparent reason.”
Pp. 137-39 – PAULA – from “I had been so deprived in my childhood” to “I guess I feel its not enough.”

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