Evaluate the appropriateness of the data analysis method

For this assignment, you will examine five peer-reviewed quantitative research articles with different data collection and analysis plans and write a paper about the data analysis conducted in each article. Address all components for each article before moving on to the next article.
Your paper should address the following components:
Describe the data analysis method(s) used.
Evaluate the appropriateness of the data analysis method (hint: focus on the extent to which it addressed the research questions and the limitations of the method).
Provide a perspective on the amount of detail provided by the researcher (hint: focus on statistical assumption tests, discussion of data issues and cleaning (e.g., missing values and outliers), criteria for assessing statistical significance, conclusions are aligned with the statistical results).
Assess the reproducibility of the study.
Length: 10-12 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: Include a minimum of 8 scholarly resources

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