Evaluate the impact of cultural assessment parameters on the issue.

Evaluative Criteria Achievable/
Points Achieved Comments
TOPIC: Pediatric First Aid in The Community
Identify the public health issue (1)and how it impacts the community(1.5) in an Abstract.
Identify appropriate objectives of the paper (1.5) in proper format(starts with an action verb) (1) 2.5
Create a Needs Assessment associated with the issue. 2.5
Analyze the Social Determinants of Health that impact the issue. (1 each) 5
Evaluate the impact of cultural assessment parameters on the issue.(1each) 5
Assess the impact of each of the principles (2.5) guiding community health nursing and include anexample of each principle. (2.5) 5
Analyze local, state, federal or international agencies and their role in the issue. (2.5) Evaluate or propose specific agency legislation that impacts the issue. (2.5) 5
Assess how the Healthy People 2030 Overarching Goals (2.5 and Leading Health Indicators (2.5impact the issue. 5
Analyze the impact of the core functions (0.5) of public health on the issue and identify an example of each core function. (0.5) 3
Compare the impact of the issue in diverse practice settings. 2.5
Assess how ANA Standards of Care impact the issue. (1 each) 5
Evaluate the impact of a pandemic(5) on the problem using
epidemiological principles. (5) 10
Analyze the impact of associated National Patient Safety Goals on the issue. (2.5 each) 5
Compare and contrast two community health theories (1) that promote resolution of the issue. 2
Create a community education plan associated with the issue. Include a learning theory, (1) style, (1) and domain. (1)
Implement three nursing interventions, utilizing one primary,(1) one secondary, (1) and one tertiary (1) level of prevention. Support the rationale (3) and the method of evaluation (3) for each level of prevention.
Identify each of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)competencies and how theyimpact the issue and the rationale for inclusion. (6) Include community-based participatory research (CBPR). (2) 20
Compare the impact of the issue in the United States with the global impact in at least two international countries. (2.5) 5
Analyze how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) impact the issue. (2 each SDG) 6
Analyze how the issue impacts the Global Burden Of Disease. (2)Support with cost or statistics. (2) 4
Identify how technology impactscontinuity of care associated with the issue. 2.5
Write a conclusion that includes salient points of the healthcare problem and paper. 2.5
Support the paper with a minimum of five peer reviewed journal articles, not greater than five years old. Papers without this requirement will not be accepted and will receive a zero
2-point deduction for completely unsupported inclusion criteria.
1 point deduction for partially supported inclusion criteria.
All references must be current within five years. Exceptions must be approved prior to submission.
Papers not meeting this requirement will not be acceptedand will receive a zero.
NO QUOTES may be used in the paper unless changing the wording will change the meaning.
Maximum page limit :15 pages not including Title page, Abstract, and References.
Point deduction 0.5 for each page over 15.
Papers greater than 17 pages will not be accepted and receive a zero.
Complete Peer Review Process
Include Peer -Reviewer’s signature and date reviewed.
Papers without completed Peer-Review will not be accepted andreceive a zero.
Submit the paper in Times New Roman, 12 font, APA 7th Edition format, with less than three grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. 0.5-point deduction for each APA error. Papers with greater than 10 errors are not acceptable and will receive a zero.
References must be in APA format, not internet links to journal articles. Journal articles must contain the article title, journal title, volume, issue if cited, and page numbers. DOI must be provided. 0.5-point deduction for each incorrect citation.
Submit paper through Turnitin. Originality report must be below 25%.
Papers with a 25 % and above originality report pages will not be accepted and will receive a zero.
Total Points Earned

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