explain how a particular concept or stage of the theory can be used in engagement, assessment or intervention.

Each student will choose 10 theories covered during the semester. The instructor will distribute a list of appropriate theories to select from for this assignment. Single space the paragraphs and keep the information to one page per theory. Use 12 point font and 1-inch margins. In your writing, include as many new terms as possible and make it clear that you understand what the theories mean. Each theory should have the following information in your theory guidebook.
a. Provide a one to two-paragraph summary of the main ideas of the theory. Consider major assumptions, concepts, and terminology.
b. Provide an example of how this theory helps you understand an event or situation in your own life. This should be interpreted to mean “give an example from your personal experience that shows how the theory relates to real life.”
c. Provide an example of how this theory is used or could be used in social work practice. Show how the theory could be applied to social work practice. This means show how a particular concept or stage can be used in one of the steps in generalist social work problem. For example, explain how a particular concept or stage of the theory can be used in engagement, assessment or intervention. It does NOT mean explain how the theory helps you to understand things better. The purpose of understanding the theory (knowledge of human behavior or human development) is to use it (knowledge) in social work practice.
This Is The List of Theories
Albert Bandura Social learning theory.
Systems theory
Psychosocial development theory
Psychodynamic theory
Family life cycle theory
Social exchange theory
Rational choice theory
Humanistic theory
The theory of psychosexual development
Ecological systems theory
The mechanisms of defense.
Margaret Mahler’s theory on separation and individuation
Jean Piaget theory of cognitive development
John Bowlby attachment theory
Mary Ainsworth attachment theory
Conflict theory
Contingency theory
Social exchange theory
The cross-cultural perspective
Maslow behavioral theory

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