Explain how the framework could be used to translate the evidence at your project site

Translation Framework Paper
The purpose of the Translation Framework paper is to determine which framework may be most relevant to your DNP Scholarly Project. Choose the most applicable translation framework or change theory model for your project and provide your rationale. In addition, include a visual organizer/diagram of the chosen framework augmented with variables from your project.
Given your clinical problem, you will critically analyze your project as it relates to the chosen framework, including the intervention, the personnel implementing the change, and the organizational factors that impact the intervention.
For the framework chosen, include the following:
• Describe the elements of the framework
• Show how these elements relate to your project (problem, intervention, personnel implementing, and project site)
• Explain how the framework could be used to translate the evidence at your project site
• Critique how well the framework informs the translation effort aims for your problem, intervention, personnel, and project site
The paper should not exceed 3 pages (not including title page, reference list, or framework augmented for your project). This assignment should follow APA format and include appropriate citations. Your writing should be clear and concise, as well as free from grammatical errors.
Please see below for additional directions and resources to help write this paper and start with attachment names “directions for paper. Translation framework paper” thank you so much!

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