Explain how the values work (how they are meant to impact the viewer and sitcom)

Paper Requirements:
Due Date: February 27
Paper Requirements:
Compare and contrast two family sitcom TV shows – one from the 1950’s, 1960’s, or 1970’s and one from today (2000 and later). Discuss how they are similar and/or different in values presented in the sitcoms.
Your thesis and overall purpose of the paper should prove how the two family shows reflect and influence values. Are the sitcoms (values) a reflection of society or do they influence society?
In the paper, you will compare and/or contrast the two TV shows to enlighten readers about both. The specific points of similarity and difference will be important, but you will go beyond them to draw a conclusion from your analysis of the shows. This conclusion, your thesis, needs to be more than “point A is different from point B” or “I prefer subject B to subject A.” You have to explain why you have drawn your conclusion about the shows.
Minimum Requirements
For a C or above, your essay must:
Be 800 words long and formatted according to MLA guidelines
Introduce the text properly and summarize the text’s argument clearly and concisely
Focus on a thesis that identifies values in the sitcoms
Use quotations as evidence of your thesis and where appropriate in the text
Explain how the values work (how they are meant to impact the viewer and sitcom)
Incorporate quotations properly and use in-text citations for them as needed
Be written effectively and coherently, with few punctuation or grammatical errors
Not use outside sources or the Internet to write the paper
Include a Works Cited Page for the two sitcoms
Use “One Day at a Time” (1975) and “One Day at a Time” (2017)

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