Explain in numbered steps how you would teach both strategies using the reading material you have selected.

The following activity is based on Chapter 8 of the Vaugh and Bos (2020) text.
Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies
Choose any two evidence-based reading comprehension strategies (with the exception of KWL and brainstorming). Expand your learning by trying new strategies. Choose from the shaded boxes in the chapter that specifically indicate “Evidence-Based Practice.”
Indicate what strategies you have chosen. Briefly explain the strategy.
Choose a specific grade level.
Indicate the grade level.
Choose the reading material (book, book chapter, page, paragraph, newspaper/magazine article, poem, etc.) that forms the basis for the reading comprehension strategies you will teach.
List the title of your selection.
Explain in numbered steps how you would teach both strategies using the reading material you have selected. Use the same reading material for both strategies. Use the procedures specified (in the text) with the strategies as a guide. This is not a lesson plan, but explain your procedure in sufficient detail to facilitate my understanding.
Example (format)
Evidence-Based Practice 1
Strategy: PreReading Plan
According to Vaughn and Bos (2020), the pre-reading plan is a strategy that “assists students in accessing knowledge related to the major concepts presented in a reading selection” (p. 242).
Reading Material: Bud, Not Buddy (Genre-Historical Fiction)
Vaughn and Bos (2020) explain that before beginning the activity, the instructor should “provide a phrase or picture to stimulate group discussion about a key concept in the text” (p. 242). To stimulate discussion about Bud, Not Buddy, I will write “Great Depression” on chart paper. I will also present a series of black and white photos of the Great Depression to stimulate further discussion on the topic. The above should last no more than 5 minutes, approximately, as it is only an introduction. After introducing the topic and engaging in discussion with students, I will implement the following three-phase process, as specified in Vaughn and Bos:
1. Initial association with the concept: To do this, I will….
2. Reflections on initial associations. Next, I will…
3. Re-formation of knowledge. The final step of this evidence-based strategy is to…
Evidence-Based Practice 2
Strategy: Text Preview
Grade: 5
Reading Material: Bud, Not Buddy (Genre-Historical Fiction)
and so on

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