Explain the correlation based upon the three R’s, the F test, and the p test.

This assignment will use the following article:
Please go to the following weblink and download the file : US Statewide Crime: .csv
Datasets (artofstat.com)
Perform a basic linear regression model using the US State Wide Crime Dataset and Excel’s Regression Tool. You must choose at least one dependent variable (Y), and one or more Independent Variables (X’s). Analyze at least two of the X variable’s correlation level with Y variable. Explain the correlation based upon the three R’s, the F test, and the p test. Submit the assignment as a Word document with the Excel ANOVA Regression Output copied and pasted into the Word Document with your analysis and conclusion typed. Your conclusion must explain any inferences that can be made about the variables you analyze.
You can also refer to your textbook page 187 should you choose to use SPSS software system
How to do a linear regression on excel >>https://youtu.be/L_a8Z0BVjyM
SPSS for Beginners 6: Regression>>>>https://youtu.be/JVwEdhEiGJg

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