Explain the dimensions of universal healthcare coverage and the global burden of disease.

Course: Global Healthcare Issues
Learning Outcomes
Explain the dimensions of universal healthcare coverage and the global burden of disease.
Action Items
1. Begin with the following resources to research your two countries. You may use other sources, as appropriate:
a. The World Factbook (Links to an external site.)
b. The World Health Organization (Links to an external site.)
c. Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (Links to an external site.)
2. Research the following information about each country: Country’s: Bhutan and Brunei
a. Brief history/background
b. Health information/statistics
c. Global Burden of Disease (GBD) profile:
i. Years of life lost (YLL)
ii. Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs)
iii. Years lived with disability (YLD)
iv. Risk factors
v. GBD performance against comparator countries
d. Status of universal health coverage. Specifically, discuss the ramifications of the dual (or double) burden of disease (as applicable to either country) in relation to the three dimensions of access to healthcare coverage:
i. Physical accessibility
ii. Financial affordability
iii. Acceptability
. Economic, social, cultural, and/or political challenges related to universal health coverage and the global burden of disease.
3. Summarize your findings in Action Item 2 for EACH country. Write a 900-1200 word summary (not counting your references).
**** The 2 countries assigned to me are Bhutan and Brunei; please answer the questions in RED ITALICS for each country
**** Please use the (3) websites above in 1.) a,b,c to conduct research for questions
****Hold down control and click the blue URL links above to take you to the page
**** Please include the website URL’s at end of references in reference list as always
**** APA 7 format

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