Explain why the author decided to break up her story into five sections.

Please read the introduction to Staten Island Noir by Patricia Smith. A scanned version will be posted on blackboard in the reading section.
In a typed response of 1 full page, please respond to the following prompt:

According to the introduction of Staten Island Noir by Patricia Smith, the author discusses statements made by her own collegiate students. The students claim that on Staten Island, “Nothing ever happens” (Smith 12). However, Smith argues that Staten Island is the perfect setting for “Noir.” First, define the terminology of “noir” used by the author. Then, look at the five sections that Smith gives. Does the story told by Smith embody the definition of “noir”? Explain why the author decided to break up her story into five sections. What about breaking the story up made it effective? Would it be equally as engaging if she chose to leave it as a whole story?
I want you all to engage with the text. Use direct quotation and/or paraphrase to discuss the text. Please have at least one quotation in your response.

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