Explain your reasons why you think President Biden is a good or bad example of a leader.

Explain your reasons why you think President Biden is a good or bad example of a leader. Use at least one leadership theory from the textbook to describe his leadership and discuss why he is a good or bad leader using his cases (50 points, 25 points for explaining the theory that you choose and 25 points for providing an example of President Biden and reasoning).
Instructor’s Note: I understand the worries that expressing your true opinions may incur unfair grading because of the graders’ ideology. And I want to ensure you that you can take either perspective without penalty or benefit so long as your response is supported by the course material and facts. In contrast, pure opinions without reasoning, be it favorable or unfavorable to Biden, will not fully meet the requirements.
Requirements (10 points):
Your essay should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman with standard one-inch margins. The essay should have 500 – 800 words (word count does not include references). It should be saved as a .doc or .docx file and uploaded to Canvas.
Turnitin (an anti-plagiarism function) is enabled so do not plagiarize. Instead, cite the textbook and other references when you are using someone else’s arguments.
At least cite 1 (one) source to support your argument. The source does not have to be a paper in this course. Please do NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, online encyclopedia, etc.
Your citations should follow the American Psychology Association (APA) style (7th edition) in the author-date format with a separate reference section located at the end of your essay. A citation guide has been provided in the syllabus.
A late essay will be accepted for up to 3 calendar days after its original due date. A penalty of 5 points will be deducted from your total score for each day after the assignment is due within a 3-calendar-day-window. No late submission will be accepted after then.

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