explanation of why you chose to write what you did; why your story is important to you

•Narrative: descriiption of setting and people, including Who, What, When, Where •Commentary: descriiption of what you, as the narrator, were thinking and feeling as the scene and/or event unfolded •Analysis: explanation of why you chose to write what you did; why your story is important to you; what you think your story can teach other people
Your 2-5 page essay will contain: ● First person narrator that conveys an internal life (commentary) + external context (sensory details) ● Dialogue ● Title linked to your theme/motif ● Characters ● An inciting action(s) and/or turning point ● A conclusion that links to the intro
Include in each paragraph at least one of the following: A descriiption of a sound A descriiption of someone’s face or clothing A descriiption of the environment A scent
1st paragraph: Brief descriiption of experience (narrative) 2nd paragraph: Things you were thinking and feeling as the event unfolded (Commentary) 3rd paragraph: Major way the experience changed you (Analysis) 4th paragraph: Summary of impact on narrator’s identity (Analysis)
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