Explore any challenges the company might face

Please read the essays (read and answer the questions in the bottom) and make a comment about the essay and respond to the questions in the bottom. Also, respond/ make a comment about the doc “week 4 or respond to this comments” they are 3 different responses and they are related to each essay the first one with the waiting lines the second one with the intro to innovation and the last one types and patterns od innovation( I have to respond to someone in the class) . To participate in a discussion, review the detailed theory application questions. Critique the lead essay as well as other comments in that thread. Keep in mind that critique is not merely criticism. Ask questions that uncover deeper insights. Correct any inaccuracies. Add relevant information, facts, supporting calculations, etc. Highlight, with rationale, the points you agree/disagree with. Explore any challenges the company might face. Suggest supporting/contrary examples from other contexts or industries. Even if the lead essay is “perfect,” highlight its strengths, provide your rationale, offer examples from other contexts, etc. Special Note: Original comments and multiple visits to the discussion will be valued, as will comments that build substantively on previous postings. Make sure to keep your comments focused on the specific discussion questions at hand, not on general information. “I too am a customer of XYZ Company. I really like its products/services. It has grown threefold since 2001, and now employs 3,000 employees in China …” is not very valuable. “The company has selected four strategic locations worldwide to decentralize its R&D based on the following criteria …” is more valuable. Discourteous postings are not acceptable. “Me too” comments will not be valued. Beyond simply acknowledging a previous comment, e.g., “Good point, I agree with it,” demonstrate that you have assimilated it, e.g., “and here is why I agree.” “Here’s another example that supports/contradicts your point.” “Here are some supporting calculations, charts, etc. that illustrate your point.” “I saw something similar/dissimilar in the industry I work in.”

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