Find and discuss at least two other academic articles written in the past six years (2017 – 2022) to support your paper’s thesis

The purpose of this assignment is to look at gender socialization throughout the first 12 years of life. Carter (2014) gives one possible explanation of how people develop gender roles. There is much discussion and action regarding gender; some people identify in the traditional sense, but others express gender preferences differently.
The paper’s purpose is not to debate how people identify with gender but to look at how a person is socialized into a gender role. The gender socialization process starts at a very young age, so your paper should look at the influences during infancy, early childhood, and middle childhood. In addition to reviewing and discussing the article provided (Carter, 2014), find and discuss at least two other academic articles written in the past six years (2017 – 2022) to support your paper’s thesis. Address how gender socialization plays a role in family structure, school, sports, religion, etc. The paper should be 4-5 pages, not including the APA 7 title and reference pages. You should not include an abstract.
Use APA 7 formatting and style to complete the paper. The sources you use in writing the paper should be correctly listed on the reference page at the end of the paper and cited correctly in the body of the paper.
Refer to the rubric for this assignment. Attach your paper as a Microsoft Word file (.doc, .docx). Hit the browse button below and attach your file there.
APA 7 Reference Citation for the article provided and required:
Carter, M. (2014). Gender Socialization and Identity Theory. Social Sciences, 3(2), 242-263. DOI: 10.3390/socsci3020242

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