Find one peer reviewed article that supports either your psychology or hip hop idea.

History of Psychology. Paper Assignment #1: Tell me about your favorite element from unit one. Let me know why it is important to you, what its impact was to psychology and if there was a corresponding or similar hip hop moment. Use your text as a reference. Now that you have your idea, would like you to write a paper to accomplish the following goals: Find one peer reviewed article that supports either your psychology or hip hop idea. Summarize the content of the article as it pertains to psychology or hip hop. Point out whether psychology is seen as a science or philosophy. Consider what developments events in the history of modern psychology might be related to these differences or similarities. For the hip hop element provide evidence to support your idea. In other words, list the reasons hip does or does not have a similar point in history. Feel free to write about other aspects of the articles you found interesting in comparison and contrast. Remember the APA formatting is going to count more than the content in this paper. Do not use a title paper, abstract etc, Just your name, name of class and date in the upper left of the first page. Include references to anything you cite, including references to the textbook

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