Giving the exact steps for computing the test statistic and the p-value using the calculator method

ASSIGN TO Writer [373667]
or Chapter 9, Facebook claims that the average number of Facebook friends per Facebook user is 190; however, whenever we collect a significant amount of data we find that users have, on average, significantly more than 190 friends. So we want to test the claim that the population mean number of Facebook friends is actually more than 190.
Using the data you collected from Chapter 8’s deep dive discussion, tell us in your Chapter 9 deep dive post: (I attached the chapter 8 one you completed for you to go off of those answers.)
The number of Facebook friends each of those ten friends has,
The 95% confidence interval for the number of Facebook friends a Facebook user has based on your data,
The complete hypothesis test, with alpha of 0.05, using our textbook as a resource,
Giving the hypotheses (notice the plural),
Giving the assumptions and exactly why the assumptions are (or are not) met,
Giving the exact steps for computing the test statistic and the p-value using the calculator method,
Giving the decision, and
Giving a conclusion statement of what we should conclude based on previous steps in the context of the variable and the population.
Should we email Facebook and tell them that they are wrong? Why or why not?

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