How and why did you choose these particular hues?

Color theory is another form of color theorizing used by designers. If you were a part of one of the color groups who provide this service, what palette would you choose for this year?
Create a palette of 10 – 12 hues and explain the basis for their selection. Be careful to select just the nuances of colors that you want—the exact hue, value, and intensity.
Obtain swatches of the hues (any source or even paint your own).
Cut the swatches into 2″ x 2″ squares and arrange them in a grid or linear sequence. These selections are informative, not a work of art in themselves.
Give each color a name (we do that in the U.S.A., whereas many other countries do not).
Use words to explain the sources that generated your choices.
How and why did you choose these particular hues?
Discuss the target market for your palette—is it focused for use by a particular group of designers?
Strong Examples are attached as a document

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