how are these two plants are similar?

Do a little web surfing on your own and discover some specific uses of plants. Look for two plants used as medicines, foods, building materials, artistic uses, etc. Be creative, but ready to justify why this is important to human kind. Once you’ve decided on two plants, look for at least 3 websites related to your “use” of plants. Write a paper comparing and contrasting these two plants. Your paper should include an introduction, a body (see evaluation below) and a conclusion. For research help, consult the syllabus. Read over the websites, and write a 300-500 word essay comparing and contrasting your two plants. Note Wikipedia and .com sites are NOT acceptable sources, look for .edu or .gov sites. Use the library link, One Source for help in your research.
Please attach your paper below.
Evaluation based on:
Explanation of each plant (what it looks like, where you find it, etc.) and its uses 8 points
Creativity 2 points
reasons why one plant could be considered the more “important” 3 pts
how are these two plants are similar? 2 pts
how are these two plants are different? 2 pts
list your references at the end and quote at least one reference in your paper. 3 points
Post a short summary of one of your plants and its importance on the ‘Plant Assignment Report Thread’. (5 points) – Due the same day as your paper. One point of the 5 will be for including a picture of your plant. You are teaching the class about the plant and it usefulness.
Read and comment on other students “plants”, 1 point for each thoughtful comment, maximum 5 points. – Due later than the paper – Check Due Dates. (Assignment Report Thread)

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