How can change be an effective learning process?

Lesson 4-Utilizing the TILS to Address Change
Having read and studied the Tennessee Instructional Leadership Standards in this and other courses you should have begun to develop a philosophy of your beliefs related to change. This Lesson is placed in this class to allow you to formulate ideas on ways you can positively influence your approach to the change process through the application of a majority of the Indicators for each of the TILS.
Following are a few questions to help you formulate a beginning for your paper. You should devise your own ideas on innovative ways all of the TIL Standard Indicators can be utilized in a positive way to influence acceptance and implementation of change.
1. List some possible ways change be positively influenced by the implementation of the TIL Standards?
2. What is the role of school administrators lead the change process?
3. As a school administrator how can you utilize these standards to support the change process?
4. How can change be an effective learning process?
5. How do you propose to cope successfully in accepting and adapting to change?
6. Etc. (list other ideas you may have and include those where germane to the topic).
7. Remember, this is your paper. The Lesson is here to create thinking that may be “outside the box!” As long as it meets the APA formatting requirements and the specific requirements of the Lesson Rubric you stand to earn a very good grade.
Each class member is to write a seven-page Report describing your philosophy of change as it relates to schools by emphasizing ways your leadership can be fostered more successfully when the TILS are applied to solving problems created by change. This may include data gleaned from the course textbook, any previous course textbooks, the Internet, and/or other appropriate sources, such as the URLS pasted at the bottom of this document, and of course, the TIL Standards which are pasted below the Lesson Rubric.
In order to assure that you have addressed the application of the following TILS please be sure to include details of the majority of the Indicators for each of the TILS. To do so you will need to insert headings that lists each of the TILS as specified underneath each standard (see the examples at the bottom of the document, (which may not be reproduced in your document) with your idea of how change can be addressed by implementing most of the Indicators.
The paper must be in compliance with the 7th Edition APA Publication Sample Paper as outlined in the links below…
You may feel free to use data from any of the URLs below or to seek out other sources that are appropriate to this Lesson (any of these sources that are used should be listed in the References section of your paper).
Examples using TILS Standard A, Indicators 1 and 3; you will need to do a similar preparation for all four TILS, addressing a majority of all Indicators for each standard.
Standard A: Instructional Leadership for Continuous Improvement:
An ethical and effective instructional leader facilitates professional practice that continually improves each student’s learning.
1. Indicator one of TILS A discusses the collaboration with stakeholders to establish clear communication for the vision and continuous improvement of the school. Communication skills are very important as an administrator. It is important to be able to communicate the reason for the change being made and the vision of how the change can benefit the school and its goals. Communication needs to be clear and purposeful. The stakeholders need to know that the change is in their best interest and that it is for improving the overall goals and vision of the school as a whole.
2. Builds capacity of educators to provide each student a rigorous curriculum aligned with the Tennessee Academic Standards. Use your own wording for this indicator as is appropriate.
3. Collaborates with educators to analyze and use multiple forms of data throughout the year to establish specific goals and strategies targeting each student’s achievement and growth.
Collaboration is key to being a successful leader. It is important for an administrator to collaborate with educators to ensure that things are being completed and done properly. Although this is important to ensure things are being completed, it is also important to remember not to micro-manage. Allow the teachers to collaborate with each other and develop plans that will best benefit their students. Only intervene when there is a necessary change that must be made. The teachers know their students’ academic strengths and weaknesses more than anyone, so allowing them to analyze data and collectively develop plans and strategies that will benefit the students, will ensure that Indicator Three in Standard A is met. Along with collaboration, it is also important to support the teachers in the changes they are making to their instruction. Support their areas of needs in developing plans and strategies to meet targeted student achievement and growth.
4. Empowers educators to develop and execute interventions to address each student’s learning needs, grounded in multiple sources of data (academic, social, and/or emotional). Use your own wording for this indicator as is appropriate.
5. Systematically monitors and adjusts progress toward established goals and facilitates procedures and practices leading to continuous school improvement. Use your own wording for this indicator as is appropriate.

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