How can we expect our own reader to respect us when we share our thoughts and opinions?

Summarizing is an important skill to utilize when reading and writing. It can help you better understand what you have read while also helping you maintain the information longer because the ideas are put into your own words. It is an objective process free of our opinion. It shows that we as readers have truly “listened” to what the author writes. Being able to do this is an important skill because understanding what someone else has said shows respect. If we cannot do this, we are not respecting the author, and if we do not respect the author, how can we expect our own reader to respect us when we share our thoughts and opinions?
For this assignment, you will summarize the essay, “U Can’t Talk to Ur Professor Like This” by Molly Worthen starting on page 165 in our textbook. The paragraph must be objective, use attributive tags in each sentence to ensure your reader knows you are sharing the author’s thoughts and not your own, and it must follow proper summary paragraph guidelines:
-The first sentence contains the author, title, pages, and main idea of the assigned reading in one complete sentence.
-The following 6-8 sentences objectively sum up the main ideas presented in the full reading assignment using complete sentences. The sentences are ordered in the same order as the ideas are presented in the text.
-The last sentence identifies the author’s purpose for writing the text.
-You will earn extra points for using Tutoring Services and/or Smarthinking.
Study the rubric to learn how the paragraph will be graded:
-Contains basic elements of author, title, source, and overall main idea of text.
-Attributive tags use present tense verbs.
-All sentences have an attributive tag.
-All sentences are objective and without any opinion.
-Essay displays a developing style; diction reflects vivid, thoughtful choices. A variety of sentence structures are correctly used. No surface errors.
-Contains basic elements as well as mostly comprehensive of main ideas.
-May not have an attributive tag in each sentence.
-Attributive tags may not all have present tense verbs.
-No opinion used.
-The majority of sentences are clear and correct. May have a few errors—not enough to disrupt the reading.
-Summary misses one or two basic elements.
-Summary misses a main part of the text.
-Summary may have opinion.
-Poor attention to attributive tags.
-Errors begin to interfere with the readability.
-Summary misses several basic elements and/or
-Not completely objective.
-Missing key ideas.
-Significant number of errors detract from an understanding of the essay.

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