How could this research be expanded or improved upon in the future?

Chapter I INTRODUCTION (2 pages min)
Introduce your topic
Why you have selected topic
What you will cover
General Information Concerning Topic (not a lot of specifics)
Thesis Statement (main topic sentence)
Research Questions(s)
Why is it important?
Need for the Research
Purpose of the Research
Chapter II LITERATURE REVIEW (5 pages minimum)
-Explain the problem/topic in depth
-Show relevant research on the topic (journals, magazines, internet, books, etc.)
-What do other authors have to say about this topic?
Chapter III METHODOLOGY & FINDINGS (2 pages minimum) – NOT including graphs/charts
-Are you using Observation, Interview, Survey, Book/Internet/Journal Research or a Combination of methods?
-How many people did you use?/Type of Survey/Etc.
-Where did the research occur
-How did you collect data?
-What time frame did you operate within? Days/Weeks/Months?
To include a written component and a minimum of 2 charts or graphs. Explanation must be provided for the graphs/charts and they must be woven into the writing component
Ensure finding are in line with research question(s) and/or hypothesis
What are the literal results? What are the results interpreted?
Chapter IV SUMMATION (2 pages minimum)
-Application to the Field
How are the research and results applicable to the field of health and physical education (or your major)? Benefits? Negative Factors?
Summate your entire paper. Draw your conclusions based on your research.
Indications for Future Research
How could this research be expanded or improved upon in the future? Be specific
Appendix (If necessary- any additional material that you may wish to include – observation sheets, interview copies, etc.)
Minimum of 7 references
LIMIT of 2 internet sites for references
Wikpedias and online discussion forums may NOT be used for references (Links to an external site.) is an excellent source for research information
Formatted in APA style- check out

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