How did it create a crusading mentality and impact the settlement of Latin America?

Prompt: What was the Reconquista? How did it create a crusading mentality and impact the settlement of Latin America?
Please read the instructions below carefully.
– NO OUTSIDE SOURCES are allowed on this, only the required textbook readings for the class. Textbook link: ( The grading for prompt is based on the level of detail, breadth of topics covered, and clarity of your explanations.
– The prompt should be covered within Chapters 1-6. Chapter 2 Encounter delves into the reconquest/Reconquista.
– If you are using a direct quote, just put quotes around the passage (That being said, I’m not looking for a long string of quotes and I don’t think that is necessarily what makes for a good response. I’m looking for your explanation and response to the prompt). Just take the facts that you need and put the response in your own words.

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