How did the Renaissance make the Reformation possible?

Use the historical method of inquiry to develop a hypothesis that answers the following question:
* How did the Renaissance make the Reformation possible? What is the impact of the Reformation on today’s society?
Your journal post should include the following:
* 1) A one sentence hypothesis that directly answers the question;
* 2) TWO paragraphs with supporting evidence;
* 3) ONE paragraph with refuting evidence;
* Each paragraph should include a topic sentence that clearly states your point. This should be followed by three or more supporting sentences that present specific examples from the primary and secondary sources, your interpretations, and an explanation of how these examples prove your hypothesis is true.
This is a journal assignment, I have to use chapter 2&3 from the book to help me write this, but it’s too much reading and I don’t have the time unfortunately, I have little knowledge on the topic so I will use what you write to help me write the journal by using some sources from the book myself. You can use outside sources since it’s allowed, I would say at least 3 sources should be good with works cited. I appreciate the help!

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