How did the responses of your interviewee compare to class readings and class discussions this far?

Arrange an interview with a senior executive/partner/principal of a firm, preferably a business you are interested in. The manager must have EMPLOYEE supervision responsibilities. Your task in this interview is to identify the interviewee’s orientation and business philosophy toward key human resource management functions. A face-to-face interview is highly recommended, however, a phone interview is acceptable.
The interviewee should not be:
A family member
A former supervisor
A person from your current or past places of employment
Develop a list of approx. 10 human resource related questions you will ask that cover recruitment, staffing, staff motivation, employee development, and employee appraisal. (In your priority order). One question must cover the Supervisors viewpoint on the “competitive advantage through people”. I am available to review your questions if you desire feedback.
Prepare a three-page, double-spaced paper that summarizes the responses and your analysis of the interview including:
What you learned about supervising/managing others? Did you learn anything new? Did the interview clear up any misconceptions you had about HR and HR management?
What did you agree with and disagree with?
What was (were) the most memorable part(s) of the interview? Why?
How did the responses of your interviewee compare to class readings and class discussions this far?
What was the interviewee’s thoughts on the “competitive advantage through people”?
Summarize the interview and include your thoughts and feelings towards the professional you interviewed. Did you walk away with an overall view of this person’s philosophy and values as they relate to HR management?
Critically reflect on your own perceptions of HR management. What beliefs did you have going into the interview about HR management? Has anything changed for you?
Please write an email or note to the person you interviewed thanking him/her for their time.
Hand in:
A maximum of three pages, double-spaced
Include a cover page which indicates clearly the full name of the interviewee, their position title, their organization, address, date, type of interview (face to face or phone)
Attach the list of your pre-interview questions to the document you submit.
Attach a photocopy/copy of the Thank You note you sent to your interviewee.

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