How did the social, cultural, and economic lives of colonists change during the eighteenth century (1680-1775)?

For this essay, you will answer the below question using the course material. The papers should be no less than four pages and no more than five pages in length. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTSIDE SOURCES.
QUESTION: How did the social, cultural, and economic lives of colonists change during the eighteenth century (1680-1775)? Please use the articles by Gary Nash and Peter Thompson as well as lecture for this essay. You may also use the other articles and books from the course to answer this question, but Nash and Thompson are mandatory.
In this short essay, I want you to do the following:
1. Briefly identify your historical problem and your historical question.
2. Include a thesis** that briefly states the main argument of your essay, ideally at the end of your opening paragraph (your answer to the historical question)
3. Use clear, complete sentences and paragraphs
4. Have an easy-to-follow, logical organization
5. Have few or no grammar or usage errors
6. Write in persuasive, economical prose
7. Include only material presented in the course readings or in the lectures
8. Cite direct quotations, specific evidence, and material presented in lecture with proper citation methods (Chicago/Turabian)

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