How did you know to flag these areas?

In your entry, answer the questions below. Show each question followed by your answer.
How many of the 13 moral problems did you identify correctly? This question is not designed to grade you, or make you feel bad. Some students will get a score of 0, others 13, and others something in-between. The point is for you to see what your current level of awareness of moral problems is.
Review any of the moral problems that you may have identified correctly. How did you know to flag these areas? Among other things, consider how you might have drawn from past coursework, professional development, personal experience, the experience of others, and media consumption.
What, if anything, surprised you?
Review the codes of conduct from the Public Relations Society of America and American Association for Public Opinion Research. Then identify at least 1 value or principle from each document that was not observed in the moral identification exercise (thus you should discuss a minimum of 2 values). Cite as appropriate.
How can you enhance your awareness of the moral problems that you may encounter throughout your career as a communication professional?

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