How do book and tax accounting differ in Saudi Arabia?

In this paper, I want you to address the following questions in a comparative study. The comparative will be between the Corporate Income Tax Systems In Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and The USA.
1) Facilitate in detail the accounting methods used by corporations for calculating their 20% rate.
2) Consider several different types of transactions (buying and
selling a machine (or a piece of land, or an office building, or
computer software; or various other transactions that a corporation engages in) and discuss how Saudi Arabia would tax those transactions and how Saudi Arabia’s tax treatment is different from (or the same as) Egypt and the United States.
3) How do book and tax accounting differ in Saudi Arabia? If a
corporation was showing a profit of 1 million riyal on its financial
accounting books (the books that investors and banks see), would its tax paid to the Saudi revenue authorities necessarily be 200,000 riyal? Or, are there things (such as differing tax and accounting treatment of various transactions) that could make the number come out to something different (either bigger or smaller–say, tax of 300,000 riyal or 100,000 riyal because the tax authority recognizes the profit as being a different number than what the financial accountants say is the profit.

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