How do the authors support their arguments?

– Please read the reading first!
– After reading, write one paragraph response for each reading.
– These responses allow you to think about the material before we discuss it in class and relate it to your own work and/or experience; and extend the class discussion to give everyone a chance to contribute.
– No need to summarize the article; just post your analysis of one or two points that impressed you, a quote you found interesting and why, or a connection you drew between two or more of the readings.
– The kinds of questions to answer in your responses are:
What is the main thesis of each of our readings? (i.e.: What do we learn?) Are there any secondary theses?
How do the authors support their arguments?
What kinds of sources and images do they use?
How are the various arguments developed?
Do you agree with the argument(s) made? Why? Why not?
How do the readings support/contradict what you have learned in your classes up this day? What is the value of learning about these topics?
Can we apply what we learn from these readings to other interiors, art objects, cultures, and contexts?
Can you find any similarities between the time-period discussed (and its design) and our contemporary culture?

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