How do the concepts of advanced directives impact this case?
Use this link to answer the questions below.
In this week’s assigned content, we listen to a podcast detailing the story of a family who was forced to make a difficult end of life decision.
The decision to withdraw care, especially in cases of chronic or debilitating illness or injury, is one of the most problematic ethical dilemmas many of us will ever face. As respiratory therapists, we are often involved with patients who may be at the end of life stage and are often confided in by the friends and family of the patients to which we provide care. It is imperative that we prepare to encounter these situations by considering our own moral position regarding issues such as advance directives, withdrawal of life-supporting therapies, and the meaning of “death with dignity”
After listening to “Blink Once for Yes” respond to at least three of the following prompts.
What are the ethical issues at play? How would the perspectives you have researched view this dilemma?
How do the concepts of advanced directives impact this case?
Did Mike have patient advocates? If so, who were they and how did they advocate for Mike. Would you have done the same?
What are the legal implications? Do you agree with the legal requirements the family had to operate under? Why or why not? What are the laws in your state?
Ultimately, do you feel that the correct decision was made?
For one of the questions, utilitarianism and deontology are the perspectives that were researched.

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