How do the digital techniques used in the work compare to traditional art mediums?

(1)Upload an image of an example of digital art that you have experienced. If you have not experienced digital art, please do a Web search for Behance. This is a website where many artists upload and share their digital artwork. How do the digital techniques used in the work compare to traditional art mediums? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Please be as descriiptive as possible and write thoroughly about your choice.
(2)For this assignment, you will review an animated film or movie of your choice. It can be a stop motion, 2D, or a 3D animated film. Maybe there is an animation that you enjoyed as a child that you would like to revisit with a critical eye. After watching the animation, please answer the following questions in complete sentences, using the Unit VIII Animation Review Worksheet . (sheet attached)
Include the animation title, year produced, and medium (stop motion, hand drawn, 3D, etc.).
How is the quality of the animation? Are there special effects? If so, what are they like? Are there beautiful scenes? Are there moments where scenes are animated in an interesting way?
Did you enjoy the animation? Why, or why not? Where were its good and bad points?
What scene or part of the animation did you particularly enjoy or remember? Why was it good or memorable?
To what other animations you can compare this?
Your response must be a minimum of one page. APA Style will not be required for this assignment.

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